Pool Repairs Mackay

Expert Pool Repairs

Pool repairs in Mackay are at the heart of what we do. At On Top Pool Services, we know that pool repairs can be a real pain. That's why we not only service but also repair your swimming pool quickly and affordably.

Richard's pool maintenance experience, combined with being a qualified carpenter, means him and his team will have your pool in working order, in no time. 

We come to you for pool repairs Mackay

As a mobile supplier, we will service and repair your pool equipment at your home - no dragging pumps and machinery back and forth. What's more, as an authorised supplier of Austral Pool products, we will arrange delivery of pool products and spare parts.

We can repair all aspects of pool breakdowns, including:

  • Pump repairs (including servicing)
  • Filter and chlorinator repairs
  • Repairs to automatic dosing units
  • Heating repairs and improvements
  • Automatic pool cleaner sales and repairs


pool repairs mackay

Home of Mackay's only "No-Dig" leak detection service

So you know you've got a leak. But how do you pinpoint exactly where it is, without digging up the lawn or ripping up the deck? 

In the past, it would have been pure guesswork to find the leak.

But now, with On Top Pool Service's leak detection service, we can pinpoint the leak within millimetres! Using specialist plumbing leak detection equipment, we work to locate your leak, so your pool can be quickly repaired with minimal fuss and damage. 

On Top Pool Service is Mackay's only supplier of this technology, so visit our Leak Detection page to learn more.


Don't risk your pool; call us today

Pool Repairs, when done incorrectly, can cause more damage and expense in the long run so contact us today to carry out all your pool repair needs.