Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance Specialists

At On Top Pool Service, we know that owning and looking after a pool takes work. 

Without regular cleaning, water testing and chemical top-ups, your pool risks deterioration and long-term damage. 


Why you need a regular pool maintenance service 

Do you want to:

  • Reduce your pool cleaning costs?
  • Save time on maintaining your pool?
  • Save money on pool chemicals? 
  • Avoid huge repair bills on your pool?
  • Simply enjoy your pool (rather than be a slave to it?)

Then you would benefit from our regular, affordable pool maintenance service. 

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Our regular pool maintenance services

As a mobile provider, we are passionate about ensuring our customers receive the best service possible. That means, when you take out a regular pool maintenance package with On Top Pool Services, you'll never need to worry about pool maintenance again!

Our regular service is always reliable and always discreet. What's more, we go beyond simply "adding chemicals" and offer useful advice on how you can improve your pool so it's beneficial to you. This includes checking pumps and machinery to avoid a major breakdown (and fixing any issues before it becomes a major problem) and recommending new products to help you save money.



  • Water analysis
  • Add chemicals


  • Water analysis
  • Add chemicals
  • Backwash/clean filter
  • Skim pool
  • Empty baskets


  • Water analysis
  • Add chemicals
  • Backwash/clean filter
  • Skim pool
  • Empty baskets
  • Vacuum pool
  • Basic repairs and maintenance



Save money in the long run

Are you the type where you pool needs to turn green before you decide to get the water tested? Or maybe you're vigilant with monthly chemicals, but don't always get it right? Or perhaps you've got too many other things on your plate, and would prefer your pool to be maintained by a professional?

Whatever your reason, On Top Pool Service, will stay "on-top" of your pool maintenance so you won't have to spend hundreds on bags of salt, or extra chlorine if the pool water has been let go. 

Looking after your pool regularly can save you large costs and headaches in the future. We understand this and offers a wide range of pool products that can aid you in maintaining your beautiful pool.

Experienced and passionate about pools

How many people can say they LOVE pools?

We can! With years of experience in pool maintenance and repairs, plus the only provider of "no dig" leak detection means On Top Pool Service is the best provider to care for your pool.

OTPSM can maintain your pool filters, pool pumps, water quality and indeed every aspect of pool maintenance. Our range of products including spare parts, pool chemicals, pool vacuums and pool cleaners can all help in maintaining the quality of your pool.