No-Dig Leak Detection

Got a leaking pool? We can help!

Leaking pools used to be a real pain. You might know that your pool is losing water, but where exactly is the leak? 

Save time and money

Rather than spending hours and endless dollars locating your pool leak, our specialist equipment will pinpoint your pool leak quickly and effectively. 

In the past, you could have spent days digging up your lawn or garden or pulling apart your deck, pavers or concrete to fix your leaking pool. 

But now, all you have to do is call On Top Pool Service! Working with All Plumbing and Leak Detection, we can pinpoint your leak underground to within millimetres. Then, it's just a matter of isolating that specific part for repair.

See how our leak detection works 

Prevent further damage and repair your pool leak ASAP

Leaking pool water can cause major problems for not only your pool but home and garden. When a pool leaks, chlorinated water accumulates where it shouldn't. This can damage metal components such as galvanised steel walls of vinyl pools and steel reinforced bars in the concrete pools. This water could also erode stone and cement if left long enough.

Whilst swimming pools are built to last, water can be a major force to be reckoned with. If left long enough, leaking pool water will compromise the structural integrity of your pool. So rather than waiting, ensure you pinpoint your leak and have it repaired as soon as you see signs of a leak.